Create Successful Postal Mailings

Postal mailings have been one of the most used and successful direct marketing tools. Today it is still used effectively as it has overcome time and the use of digital technology. Postage is becoming more and more expensive, but if used appropriately successful mailing campaigns can still be created. Follow the list of tips and create a successful mailing: liteblue

  • The look and feel of the envelope is the first glance at the content of the mailing. Prioritize the design and create attractive envelopes.
  • Use window envelopes. They look more professional.
  • Do not forget the sender’s information on the envelope. Your clients want to know who sent it.
  • Personalize the sender’s information. Do not use only the company’s name. Incorporate a first and last name to it.
  • Blank envelopes are dull. Place images on them.
  • Do not incorporate promotional text to the envelope. If you still want to do so – be brief.
  • Clients like postal stamps, use them.
  • Attach a personalize letter to the catalog, brochure or other marketing tool in the envelope.
  • Personalize the content as much as possible. Use letter size paper, a font similar to a typewriter and a signature with blue ink. The signature should include first name, last name and the position of the person signing.
  • Personalize the letter: forget about Dear Client or Dear Sir. Your target client has a name.
  • Clients read no more than the first two lines of a promotional letter. Summarize the subject and content of your letter in the first two lines.
  • Dates should be accurate. Date your mailing and send it promptly.
  • Use legible fonts and preferably larger than 12 points.
  • The most important content of a letter should be repeated several times and make it noticeable by highlighting it.
  • A call to action should always be included in the last paragraph of the letter.
  • Create signatures that look real.
  • The letter should not distract the person from the main piece in the mailing. Try not to include images, colors or backgrounds.
  • The marketing piece has to attract the attention of the client. The title should summarize the content and be catchy.
  • Incorporate images to catch the eye of the reader.
  • Readers will first look at the promotional piece. Make sure the promotional piece and the envelope are related and consistent with each other.
  • Facilitate the reading of the brochure by using bullet points and small paragraphs.
  • The content of the marketing piece should have a call to action.
  • Close the brochure with a summary showing the advantages of the product and why the client should purchase it.
  • Include testimonials and references. Clients like that.
  • Make sure that discounts and gifts are graphically positioned and highlighted in the best possible way.

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