8 Brain Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Rene Descartes, a significant historic mathematician and philosopher, once said that ‘The mind is a complex thing’. So is our brain and we couldn’t agree more. What we thought how our brain works has been going around as myths for years. And in those years, researchers and scientists have tried to unbaffle how our brain works to see what is and what’s not. They were able to demystify and provide truth in some urban legends about our brain. Read further below for the fruits of their labor.

Myth 1. The brain feels pain.

Does the brain feel pain? No.

Pain from any injury or illness is always registered by the brain. Yet, curiously, the brain tissue itself is immune to pain; it contains none of the specialized receptor cells that sense pain in other parts of the body. The pain associated with brain tumors does not arise from brain cells but from the pressure created by a growing tumor or tissues outside the brain. https://zoomiescanada.com/

Myth 2. Wine can cause brain damage.

Can alcohol cause brain damage? Yes.

Scientists warn that social drinkers risk brain damage similar to that seen in chronic alcoholics

Drinking two pints of lager or three glasses of wine a day can lead to memory loss, poor balance and impaired mental agility, researchers found.

Researchers compared a group of “heavy” social drinkers with a group of “light” drinkers, testing them for balance, verbal intelligence, the speed at which they processed information and their learning and memory ability.

What’s more worrisome is that, since alcohol numbs the nerves, a person may not know how much drinks he or she has taken in and may crave for more.

The findings are particularly worrying as they suggest the “danger zone” – when drinking starts to become a problem – is very close to the recommended limits for “sensible” drinking advised by the Government

Myth 3. Tooth decay can cause Brain Damage.

No, Tooth Problems do not cause brain damage.

Scientists haven’t found any direct link that tooth decay or a hole in your wisdom tooth can make you insane. This is a popular myth that has been going around for ages.

There are no records found around the world that dental issues affect brain functions or the brain itself. Only Pain.

Myth 4. Take a Deep Breath for added concentration.

Need to jug your memory? Breath!. Scientists found out that breathing exercises can help minimize (or possibly cure) short term memory loss.

Breathing activity is directly proportional to brain activity. The more you fill your lungs with oxygen, the more the brain functions.

Oxygen has been proven in studies to support improved memory retention and better concentration. This is due to its ability to boost blood flow to the brain and improve neurotransmitter production. Short exercises and meditation have been shown to improve short term memory loss, a condition which is always linked to asphyxia (lack of oxygen).

Bad news for those suffering with Alzeihmer’s disease though. In a latest research, Scientists found out that too much oxygen can speed up the process (brain deterioration) when they subjected mice suffering from this disease.

Myth 5. ‘Magic Mushrooms’ do not destroy the brain

True… Directly that is.

Experts found out that Shrooms or mushroom abuse have no direct impact to the brain. In fact, this type of substance abuse is categorized as the least harmful by drug experts.